Our Ambassadors-at-Large

Our Ambassador-at-Large initiative grew out of broadcaster Shelagh Rogers’ interest in the Museum. Following her donation of Sir George Simpson’s mourning ring to the Museum and her hugely successful hosting of our Beaver Club Gala, she asked how she might stay involved with the Museum. In that one question, a new way to promote the Museum was born.  Shelagh speaks about the Museum as she travels around the country, always mentioning her “ambassadorship” to people near and far, many of whom are connecting with us for the first time.  Following the example of our first Ambassador at Large, Joseph Boyden and Les Stroud, help carry the Museum’s story to new audiences, each in his own way.


Shelagh Rogers

Whenever I am introduced at gatherings across this country, the last line people hear is “Shelagh Rogers is the founding Ambassador-at-Large for The Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough”.

Inevitably, people come up and say they didn’t even know there was a Canadian Canoe Museum. It’s a cliche, but The Canadian Canoe Museum is a national treasure. You and I know that. So, let’s get loud about it so that we put the ‘nation’ in national.

All Canadians need to get to know it. Tell ten friends and get them to tell ten friends. It’s too good to be a “best kept secret”.

Joseph Boyden

From Twitter:

@CndnCanoeMuseum I’m a Canadian Canoe Museum Ambassador! Miigwetch for the honour. Time to paddle.

Les Stroud

The canoe and the art of canoeing are as Canadian as hockey, the Tragically Hip, maple syrup and yes even Survivorman. Wonderfully Canadian!

It is the canoe that made seeing this country at the most intimate level and for all its glorious beauty possible.  On a personal note, without the canoe I would simply not even be me. I could not imagine a more wonderful way to celebrate the history, culture, beauty and art of the canoe than through the initiatives of The Canadian Canoe Museum.

I thought I was going to a museum, but when I stepped through the doors my heart welled and everything that made me who I am as a Canadian came washing over me in a slough of fantastic canoeing memories.  Every Canadian should visit it and every visitor to this country should go and see the craft that represents our Canadian culture better than most things I can think of.  Can you tell I am very proud to be an Ambassador-at-Large?  It feels like coming home.

Our Royal Patron
His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, Duke of York

The Duke of York supports a significant range of not-for-profit and charitable organisations in both the United Kingdom and overseas. The Duke of York has for many years had a strong personal interest in the arts and culture and is the official Royal Patron of The Canadian Canoe Museum.