Caterers, crew, lights, cameras, and vintage cars descended on the museum this week as the cast and crew of the feature film ‘Foxfire’ began shooting in Peterborough. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, “The $10 million Canada-French co-production portrays a group of humiliated 1950s high school girls in upper-state New York that form a secret society, Foxfire, to wage a campaign of retaliation and justice in a male-dominated culture. The follow-up to Cantet’s Oscar-nominated and 2008 Palme d’Or winner The Class started shooting in Sault Ste. Marie in northern Ontario and will continue location shooting round the province through September 17.”

During breaks and downtime, some of the crew have had the opportunity to check out the museum’s exhibits, and have delivered rave reviews; we can’t wait to see the film itself – we expect to be able to return the favour! It’s been a real pleasure to have them around the museum, and we hope to see more film crews utilizing this area!

You can read the peterborough Examine’s article about the week-long shoot in Peterborough here.