There is never a dull moment at The Canadian Canoe Museum.  In fact, a little known Museum secret is the unofficial mascot that frequents the offices of the Museum – the Boar.

The Boar can often be seen “hanging around” the development and volunteer offices, using the staff computers, and making an annual appearance at the popular Beaver Club Gala.

Hey, I’ve always wanted a potbelly pig for a pet, but I never dreamed I’d be sharing an office with a pig (and no I am not referring to a messy colleague).

Things are never “boar”-ing when you share an office with a Boar.  The only problem – this Boar needs a name.  Any ideas?  Please help us give this Boar a name by commenting with your suggestions

All kidding aside, the Boar really is a great volunteer and has helped me to develop some great ideas on how to achieve our ambitious goal of doubling Museum Membership by the end of the year.  Are you a member yet?  If not, click here and help us reach our 2012 Membership goal.