Just a little information on some delicious additions to the  Canadian Canoe Museums gift store – Forbes Wild Foods. As I have personally tried almost every one of these unusual little gems, I am driven to whet your appetites with my opinions.The first is “Cattail Hearts”  – who knew that when wrapped in a little ham that the slightly bland taste would come to life and become the perfect light appetizer for any meal.

My next mouth watering recommendation is “Pickled Milk Weed Pods;” if you like anything pickled these are to die for! I wolfed down my first jar all on their own.  I was a little more civilized on my second jar and actually used them to enhance a salad, but must admit (to my shame) that they were all gone at one sitting.

Now, “Spruce Tips” are another story; it seems that you either love them or can easily live without them. Me, well the jury is still out for me –  it really was like eating a spruce tree.  The recommendation is to use them in a salad or a martini; I figured that I’d found that “Milkweed Pods” were my perfect salad mate, therefore, no choice but to try them in a martini, and actually found them to be quite palatable… hic… hic.

More to come on the many wonders of strange foodstuffs at the CCM!