Regular readers will be familiar with our office mascot, the as-yet-unnamed Boar’s Head (we’re still taking name submissions here), but you’ve probably never seen him zip past you in a Model T Ford! Well, he may not exactly be zipping along, but here he is in the McLean/Matthews Gallery, perched behind the wheel with all the right accessories. He’s not a part of the new exhibit, but the Model T is – it’s a part of the ‘Canoes to Go: the Search for a Truly Portable Boat‘ exhibit, opening April 25, 2012.You might ask yourself why we’ve got a car in a canoe exhibit, and that’s a fair question. One of the artifacts in our collection is a canoe designed to be strapped to the side of a Model T Ford, and luckily enough, one of our terrific volunteers, Randy Crawford, was willing to loan us his car for the year.  So when you visit the museum, you’ll be able to check out this beautifully-preserved car along with an artifact that was originally designed and used for it!

After his brief journey through the galleries, the Boar’s Head is back in his home on the office wall, but he joins me in hoping that you’ll visit the museum and take a tour through the new exhibit – or even better, come to the exhibit opening next Wednesday, April 25, 2012, at 7:30pm.

We hope to see you there!