My name is Cookie, and I’m a Golden Retriever who really likes canoeing. Here are the top 10 reasons I enjoy it so much.

#1: There’s water everywhere. Water to drink, water to swim in, water to smell, water to bring into the car with you on your fur!

#2: I get a biscuit when I put my lifejacket on!

#3: I get a biscuit when I take my lifejacket off!

#4: Sometimes, there are squirrels where we put the canoe in the water!

#5: Sometimes, there are ducks in the water, and I dream of being fast enough to catch up with one, though to be honest I am not sure what to do with it when I catch it, so I should think about that some more.

#6: Once, I found a dead fish on the beach and I brought it into the car with me on my fur. The car smelled good for several weeks afterwards!

#7: Sometimes, there are squirrels!

#8: I have never met any cats that like to go canoeing!

#9: Sometimes, there are squirrels!

#10: You can meet new friends on the water, like my buddy Booker:

If your owner takes you out on the water in a canoe, why not post a photo or two of one of your trips on our Facebook page, or Tweet with the hashtag #dogsincanoes. You can put the photos up on the museum’s Pinterest page too, where there are already some dogs in canoes.

See you on the water!