Some of you may already know about our fabulous line-up of Artisan Workshops that we run here at the CCM.  What you may not know is that we have a line of Artisan Kits sold exclusively in our Gift Store (that is a bit of a lie, the Textile Museum in Toronto sells some of our weaving-themed kits).  We’ve recently spent some time giving our line of  ‘Artisan Products’ a bit of a face-lift and I wanted to share the new look, and some of our newest kits with you.I have to start with my favourite new kit, which is geared towards young paddlers – the Paint Your Own Canoe Kit:

You can really let your imagination run wild with this fun kit.  With two wooden people, a wooden canoe, little paddle and the paints and paint brushes to decorate them however you like.  We also have a new Paint Your Own Paddle Kit that comes with a 14″ paddle you can paint.

The next Artisan Kit I’d like to share is the Woodland Pack Basket Kit:

Always wanted to try basket weaving?  This kit was developed based on the curriculum for our Woodland Pack Basket Workshop.  Complete with all materials necessary to complete your woven, reed pack basket this kit is a great way to give basket weaving a try.  Here’s what you get in the kit:

We also have a Paddle Carving Kit perfect for someone who’s always wanted to try paddle carving, or for someone who’s already taken our Paddle Carving Workshop, and wants to give it a try on their own:

If paddle carving isn’t for you The Basics of Finger Weaving Kit is a great way to try your hand at this historic form of off-loom weaving – starting off small with a woven belt project, but giving you the knowledge to tackle a larger project too:

But, if you don’t think you want to try finger weaving on your own, maybe you’d rather sign up for the Finger Weaving Workshop?

These are just a few of the neat things we offer in our Gift Store.  If you’d like to know more about our Artisan Kits, Artisan Workshops and other Artisan products – all developed and made in-house – email me.  You can also see some of the other unique products under the ‘Uniquely Us‘ category on our online store.