Well, I feel compelled to inform many of you of something that I am sure that you are unaware of.  I am referring to the renowned and loved Jacques the Voyageur (labelled as adult collectible) currently on sale in the Museum’s Store, which is proof that technology was alive and well and living in the 1800’s.

To prove this fact I draw your attention to the talents, drawbacks, trials, demands and tribulations that will be needed to become a true voyageur, this appears on the left side of the opened cover.  This position requires bravery and willingness to undergo a grueling life with long periods away from kith and kin.

And….guess….where the final paragraph advises all you intrepid adventurers to apply for this position???  Behold it is a WEBSITE, yes a www.com WEBSITE, so there you have it..Hi-Tec in the 1800’s.

I rest my case.