This Saturday (Oct 20th) is our annual Fundamentals of Fléchée: The Basics of Finger Weaving workshop here at the Canadian Canoe Museum!

Finger weaving has a long and interesting history.  You may recognize the pattern of the sashes above as the ‘Assomption Sash’ pattern.  This was typically the style of finger woven sash worn by voyageurs and labourers during the peak of the Fur Trade era.

Workshop participants spend the day in the Museum’s beautiful Preserving Skills Gallery starting small and working our way up to more difficult designs.

Want to give finger weaving a try?  Sign up for the workshop this weekend, check out the finger weaving kit in our Gift Store, or buy Fingerweaving Untangled!

There are many talented finger weavers practicing their art today.  Two artists with fabulous websites are Michelle Beauvais and Carol James.