One of our most popular Artisan Workshops is our ‘Woodland Pack Basket Workshop.’  Doesn’t this look neat:


Our workshops are all designed so no prior experience is necessary and student success is key.  Here’s what participants start their day with when they arrive on the morning of the Woodland Pack Basket Workshop:

edited - IMG_0167

For the length of the workshop participants are immersed in the history of their project and the atmosphere of the Museum’s workspaces while meeting new people and learning new skills.  Encouraging, knowledgeable instructors who are heavily invested in providing an enriching experience, rather than just a lesson, facilitate the learning (and the fun!) in the workshop.


All of our participants are set-up to succeed by being given high quality materials to work with, high quality tools to use and by maintaining low student to instructor ratios.  Here are some baskets, almost done:


Workshop participants leave the Museum with a feeling of accomplishment and a feeling of community – they also get to take home the results of their hard work in the form of a canoe paddle, a basket, snowshoe moccasins, a new set of caned seats and many other amazing projects.  Look at these happy ladies with their finished baskets:


Why not sign up for a workshop this year?  Museum Members get 10% off!

Contact Beth Stanley for more information.