canoe mates

If you visit our Museum’s Gift Store to shop for a Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved, you won’t find the typical holiday decorations consisting of red hearts, boxed chocolates and flowers. What you will find is a variety of gifts that will let your creative juices flow. Let’s look at one of our newest items – a miniature pack basket.


Very cute but a mite boring….. and not at all romantic!

Maybe we can spruce it up a bit!


Fill it with the candy of your choice available at the Gift Store or……


Perhaps a furry puppet that possibly hides a special treat!


Or you can select your holder of choice!


And for celebrating on the go – maybe a travelling flask with its own cozy blanket sleeve and a couple of shooter glasses!


Or for a delicious hot beverage to warm your heart, one of our mugs would be perfect!


I am sure you will be able to find the perfect gift for your canoe mate – all it takes is a little imagination and you’ll be able to ask –

V Day Card