This blog post was inspired by this funny little image that our General Manager, John Summers, emailed to me the other day.   I’ve often stumbled upon the same image while lurking around on the internet, usually while doing strange combination-searches for things canoe-related and things knitting-related.  Here it is:


This crafty pattern made me think.  A ‘Crocheted Barbie Canoe’ might not be very practical – but, there’s definitely something fun about it.  So what happens when you combine canoeing stuff and DIY stuff?  Well, keep reading and you’ll see some unique examples!  (by the way, you might still have time to purchase the Crochet Canoe pattern on Ebay!)

Here’s a fun idea, why not turn an out-of-commission oar into a curtain rod?  This online magazine posted a neat photo of this simple DIY project.  This would be really easy, just feed your curtain rings onto the oar.  I think the trick would be securing the oar in the curtain rod brackets securely so the face of the oar blade is facing the right way.


This cool mom planned an entire canoe-themed birthday party for her son that included going for a paddle and eating these amazing canoe-themed cupcakes (my favourite is the PFD one!):


This idea is a little more practical than the others – a DIY sleeping bag liner (with step-by-step directions) from TwoCanoe.  It’s made from fleece and can be sewn together in about an hour.  The zipper makes it easy to get in and out, then when you get back from your camping trip you can wash the liner without having to worry about washing your sleeping bag.


Here’s a good idea for a DIY headboard made from old paddles.  You can find more ‘rustic’ headboard ideas from Cottage Life here.  It looks like they’ve just fastened the paddle shafts to a board that’s been screwed to the wall:


Finally here’s a canoe DIY that I’ve actually done myself.  A ‘Canoe Photo Station’ for our wedding guests to enjoy.  You can click on one of the thumbnails below to see an image gallery of the whole process – all you need is a sheet of plywood, two old stools for people to sit on, and some paddles as props!  Here are a couple of ladies posing for a photo on the day of the wedding:


Click the thumbnails below to open up a small gallery of progress photos from this project:

And if you’re into making things yourself why not take one of our fabulous Artisan Workshops?