blog image2 blog image1With so many social media options floating around in cyber space these days, it’s sometimes hard to know which ones will help you develop relationships with your visitors and audience.

We have been avid Facebook and Twitter users over here at the Museum for a couple of years now, and as you well know, we are frequent bloggers. However, our website redevelopment project has brought to the table a whole new range of social media tools that can help us connect more often, and more meaningfully, with those who care about us.

Our latest social media presence is our Google+ account. When setting up this new account we were asking ourselves questions like “what do we want from this?” and “what do we want this to do?” questions that are more difficult to answer than one might think.We don’t want to be posting all of the same content that our visitors are already seeing on Facebook and Twitter, but we also want Google+ to be a fully integrated member of our social media family.  The answer so far has been: Let’s experiment! Currently we are posting some new content, and some content that might look familiar if you already follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Just for fun we thought that we would take a poll. The question is: How do you use Google+?If you have any advice or tips for using Google+ we’d sure love to hear them!

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