We have spent enough time blogging that we are starting to feel familiar with the various people and voices floating around out there in the blogosphere. The wonderful thing about the internet is being able to connect with so many paddling and outdoors enthusiasts from around the world (and some in our own backyard). We’re always learning something new.So without further ado….drumroll please….we present:

The Canoe Museum’s Top Ten Must-Read Blogs of 2013 (…so far, and in no particular order)

1. Exploring Ontario by Canoe

exploring ontario by canoe

For those of you interested in paddling in Ontario this blog is a must-visit! Packed with a cornucopia of tips, tricks, advice, recipes, fun facts, trip planning resources and gear recommendations this blog is a great resource for people interested in exploring Ontario’s abundant waterways and parks.   Check out this latest entry: Top 10 Tips I Forget Not Everyone Knows for some helpful hints that might make your next adventure run a little more smoothly.

2. Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff)

murat hardar

Paddle maker Murat Vardar offers tips, insights, gear reviews and some beautiful images of his paddles during various stages of construction.  Of special interest to some of us over here, is his documentation and exploration of canoes and paddled watercraft in other Museum collections! Don’t miss Murat’s gallery of completed paddles and this really cool video of Stand-Up Paddling. If you are still thirsting for more paddling-related blogs Murat’s list of “Blogs I Follow” are impressive.

3.  Humanity’s Vessel: The Art and Ecology of Canoes

will meadows

We would be remiss if we didn’t bring your attention to Will Meadows’ blog Humanity’s Vessel: The Art and Ecology of Canoes.  For those of you who follow our blog regularly (that’s all of you right?) you’ll already be familiar with Will’s story. Will is on a journey around the world to study and document canoe building. We had the pleasure of his company for a couple weeks in April, during which time he made a crooked knife and entertained us with the stories of his travels so far. Explore his blog and discover wonderfully rich canoe building traditions and stories that span the globe. When we last checked in with Will he was building kayaks in Norway!

4. Backcountry With The Kids

backcountry with the kids

Jen’s blog explores the trials, tribulations and awesome outdoor adventures she undertakes with her husband and two boys, Luke 10 and Zach 8.  Jen’s expertise in the outdoor adventure equipment sector means that she gives great gear, tripping and meal planning advice. Check out her latest blog to see a familiar face! Did we mention that she loves the Canoe Museum?

5. Michele Eray’s Blog

michele eray

Olympic paddler Michele Eray explores her newest passion, surf skiing, while also blogging about some pretty cool paddling competitions. Check out her latest blog on The Berg River Marathon (called by some the toughest race in the world) complete with some amazing historical and contemporary photographs. Michele’s blog is full of amazing images and her insights about canoe racing and training are not to be missed! Paddle on Michele and best of luck at the July 12 ICF World Surfski Championships!

6. Two Canoe

two canoeAre you interested in being entertained by a group of paddling friends as they explore the Ontario Wilderness? Look no further! Long time friends Michelle, Andre, Ellen and Anthony document their journeys into the wilderness and provide tips on planning, cooking and exploring the outdoors. If you are interested in any further blog reading, they also have some awesome sites that they recommend visiting. Their latest blog is actually a video of their recent trip into the Kawartha Highlands. Enjoy!

7. Kettle River Canoes

kettle river canoes

Mike Elliot of Kettle River Canoes restores and repairs wood-canvas canoes. His blog provides some awesome practical tips and how-tos for caring for your own wood-canvas beauty. From installing a keel, to making your own canoe cradle stands, Mike has you covered.

8. Adam VanKoeverden’s Blog

Adam VanKoeverden

Canadian Olympic paddler Adam VanKoeverden’s blog HAS to be included in any list of must read blogs. Aside from being the Canadian Golden Boy of Kayaking, Adam is also an ambassador of Right to Play and the David Suzuki Foundation AND he’s a prolific blogger! Adam’s latest blog discusses his participation in Toronto’s Pride Parade this past Sunday and the importance of supporting diversity in sport. Adam is an awesome role model for young paddlers today and we love how he uses his blog as a platform to talk about the issues in sport that matter to him – You rock Adam!

9. Dirty Gourmet


The Dirty Gourmet offers the best and most delicious of camp fare. In fact – some of these recipes look so good that one of our staffers (who will remain nameless…its me) has great plans to make some of these delightful looking dishes for plain old stay at home dinners. Join Aimee, Mai-Yan and Emily over the campfire and whip up some outdoor delicacies like campfire strawberry shortcake, quesadilla salad, dutch oven stuffed peppers and creamy macaroni and cheese.  For desert how about Cupcakes In A Jar? Who can resist?

10. Outside Mom

outside mom

Lindsey is the Outside Mom and she has some great tips for your next outdoor family adventure! Lindsey’s blog is a refreshing take on what to do with your kids when they begin to tire of the regular camping routine. Forget about board games, why not make a rope swing? The sun’s going down and the kids are getting restless? good thing that you have these 10 cool kid facts for a full moon night. As an environmental educator nature is infused into everything Lindsey does. Her blog is chock full of endlessly entertaining and interesting kid friendly things to do in the outdoors.  Way to go Lindsey!

Do you have a blog that you’d love to share? Leave us a link in the comments!