Hi everyone! For those that aren’t familiar with me, my name is Kate Lawler and I have been volunteering around the Museum for the last month and a half. I’ve been tucked away in the Dembroski Exhibit Studio, scanning and doing data entry, so it’s not a surprise if you haven’t seen me before!The Canadian Canoe Museum is one of the historic gems in the heart of Peterborough. Many tourists visit the Museum every summer, and many memories are made here. I myself remember when my Girl guide troop stayed the night here. The Museum is a fun destination for kids and adults, with activities such as puppet shows, soapstone carving, and even learning to bake bannock.  Not to mention the beautiful canoes on display.

During my volunteering experience here at The Canadian Canoe Museum, I have handled a lot of precious artifacts ranging from birch bark canoes to postcards from the late 1800’s and onwards. I have come across a lot of fascinating, and sometimes even funny, postcards and messages from around the world. Some of the cards have beautiful images that were hand tinted when there were no colour photographs, and others have stunning paintings for images.


Postcards were sent between family and friends quite regularly before there were telephones or computers, so most of the messages I’ve come across are seemingly ordinary events.


My experience at The Canadian Canoe Museum has been a great one for learning.  I highly recommend a visit to everyone both inside and outside Peterborough, and if you’re looking for something fun and rich in history to fill your time, I strongly suggest you check out the volunteer program here. There are brochures inside the front doors that can tell you everything you need to know. The hours are flexible and the staff are friendly. The Museum also does co-operative education for high school and college students. So please come visit, call, or email us anytime!