Well, after two months of being away from the Museum, it was so nice to be back this past weekend and re-acquaint myself with all of the galleries and of course the wonderful volunteers.gallery

We had a pretty busy weekend, some visitors with very interesting stories to tell, some with tales of adventures in the wilderness and some just wishing that the Summer was only just beginning instead of coming to an end.

CCM birch barks

When I look at all the events that are on the calendar for the rest of September and October, it’s very exciting to be a part of this dynamic team that work tirelessly to present the very best, to appeal to the interests of everything canoe, kayak and watercraft in general.

Don't miss this chance to chat with Joseph and Shelagh!

All you blog readers, please take a moment to view all that is on the agenda and join us for the varied and interesting things that have been put together for your total enjoyment.

BCG web photo cropped

We also have a number of new items for sale in the store which is always worth a visit either in person or online.

New Tom Thompson Mug Sets

Campground Darts

The kid friendly activities just keep on coming, the workshops are expanding to include full sized paddle carving for high school students, the list is never ending.

June Paddle Carving

adult PC workshop

Best of all, become a member and you can visit all year, get 10% off all workshops, programs for kids and purchases from the store, plus many, many other benefits.


Don’t just read about it all, come and join us and experience it all for yourselves.