You may not remember this, but on Thursday, September 12, in the middle of the afternoon, it was raining.  A lot. You could even call it torrential. I don’t have an impressive photo of the downpour, but let’s just say it was not the kind of weather to make even this life-long, hard-core canoeist think: golly, let’s head out for a picnic and paddle this evening.So, a hundred cheers for the two dozen intrepid new Canadians who did just that, coming out on a chilly, still damp – but surprisingly precipitation-free! – evening to meet new friends and experience a Voyageur canoe ride along the Otonabee River.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make the 2nd Annual New Canadians’ Picnic and Paddle a success, including Anne Elliott, Community Coordinator at the New Canadians’ Centre for putting it all together, her husband Paul for all the awesome photos, and to the Peterborough Rowing Club for generously sharing its site with us for this and many other on-water events and programs.  And above all, thanks to everyone for coming out.  We were thrilled and honoured to share our love of paddling with you.  ‘Til next time!