Dogs at MuseumAbout a week ago now the Museum’s office hallway had a different sound in it, the distinct sound (and smell?) of dogs!  Our dog-loving General Manager, John Summers suggested we initiate the ‘bring-your-dog-to-work-day’.   And so we had Cookie the Golden Retriever (John Summers), Zoe the Bernese Mountain Dog (Carolyn Hyslop), Riley the Black Lab (Stacey Reynolds), Keppler the Saint Berner (Jessica Lapp), and Booker the Northern Husky x Sheppard (Jen Burnard)!  It was funny because all of these are generally large-breed dogs and aside from Cookie who acted at times like their auntie, these ‘large’ dogs are all under 3 years-Imagine the energy!  They were rambunctious, energetic, playful and but considering their age and circumstances, surprisingly well-behaved for a pack of pups-no fights broke out thank goodness and there were no time-outs for bad behaviour.  A few highlights to the day that make me smile: Keppler has an awesome appetite and kept eating Zoe’s food, Booker needed to mark his new territory in the hallway (!),  Cookie told Keppler to ‘get lost’ when Keppler tried to follow Cookie back into his office, Riley played with many plastic water bottles which turned her office into a loud area and drove their office mates bonkers and Keppler’s drool gave Zoe’s fur a lovely glisten!

Funny, we haven’t had a ‘bring-your-dog-to-work-day’ since…I wonder if that is because nobody was able to get any work done, except maybe John who owns the mature Golden. Hmm, perhaps this is a once every 6 months initiative!

Missing from the pack this time around was Daisy (Beth Stanley’s Labernese), River (Jeremy Ward’s rescue Lab mix), Christina’s turtle, Charger the Cat (Christina Skuce), Bun Bun the Bunnie (Karen Taylor’s rescue bunny), and Lisa the Shi Tzu (Marina’s dog).