neckie4The holiday season is over unfortunately the cold weather is still here!  Our latest product – The Neckie – is the perfect item to  use for neck warmth as well as protection from sun, wind and snow. You can wear them as head gear, a hat or a headband. It is small enough to keep in your pocket or purse for a sudden change in the weather. And they are all season – wet them in hot weather to help you beat the heat!  But mostly enjoy the feel and comfort of a Neckie!  Created by Kirk Wipper’s daughter, Joanna Alonzo, the Neckie is perfect accessory for those who love the outdoors. Joanna’s creation came about because of her love of the outdoors. She and her  family  are always determined to carry on with adventures despite bugs, cold, sun, wind, or rain and Neckies help them do that. Hand-made, packaged and distributed within Canada, they are the perfect all-Canadian accessory to give to friends or family who put the environment first. They are now available in our Museum gift store or online here!

Neckie 1