Let’s free-associate about March Break: palm trees, beaches, coral reefs, rolling waves, Mojitos…Wait, let me rephrase that:

Let’s free-associate about March Break at The Canadian Canoe Museum: paddle-carving, wanigans, scavenger hunts, soapstone carving, music, hammers, spoke shaves, shave horses…

Now, THAT’S more like it. And no need to slog through airport security.

After last year’s heavily wait-listed March Break program, we’re dramatically expanding our workshop options for kids and youth at the Museum this year, all with our renowned commitment to engaging, creative, hands-on experiences for kids.

And registration starts today, right here.

Our schedule’s on our website, but here’s the full scoop:




Tuesday, March 12, 9:30am-12:00pm

Ages 6-12

Back by popular demand, our Arctic Adventures program offers the unique experience of hands-on soapstone carving in the Inuit tradition in the context of our Arctic Galleries at the Museum. All ages carve together, but don’t worry, siblings, you get your own experiences too: 8-12 year-olds try some fun, active traditional Inuit games while the youngest participants enjoy music and storytelling in the Wigwam.  $15/participant


PADDLE-CARVING (souvenir size)

Tuesday, March 11, 1:00-4:00pm OR Wednesday, March 12, 1:00-4:00pm

Ages 9-12

Carve a 24” paddle out of poplar! Starting from a pre-shaped blank, kids will carve and shape their paddle using the traditional spoke shave tool and sandpaper. Not only will participants come home with a unique, silky smooth finished paddle that they have created with their own hands, they will have learned all the fundamental skills to carve a full-size paddle in the future! $20/participant



Wednesday, March 12, 9:30-12:00

Ages 7-12

Try your hand at wood-working to create a 12”x8”x8” wanigan. Our morning starts with a scavenger hunt throughout the Museum to find the necessary pieces to build a wanigan. On their scavenger hunt the kids encounter many styles of wanigan – aka a traditional canoe-tripping equipment box. No previous wood-working experience required; our experienced and patient staff teach each step. Participants come away with hands-on building experience (hammers, screwdrivers, sanding) AND a box to keep any kind of treasure in! $15/participant



Thursday, March 13, 2014, 9:30am-5:30pm

First time offered to the public: one-day, full-size paddle-carving for youth aged 14-18.

Carve a full-size basswood paddle to your height specifications to use and treasure forever. Starting from a prepped blank, youth will learn and execute the necessary measurements and woodworking steps to complete a paddle up to the final sanding/varnish stage. Maximum 10 participants.

Registration required by February 20 to ensure that we can have your correctly-sized paddle blank in time for the workshop.

$78/participant (includes instruction, paddle, all carving materials and all taxes)

AND, we’ve been invited back to the Peterborough Public Library to offer elements of our Arctic Adventures program (soapstone carving and games) on Monday afternoon, from 1-3pm.

For the library program, please contact the Children’s Department of the Peterborough Public Library.

For our workshops here, immersed in the context of our Museum’s collections, please contact me (Karen Taylor) at x203 705 748 9153, [email protected] or register online here.