We’ve had some exciting new things happening here at the Museum this spring.  A few of those exciting things have been new bead-work workshops taught by local instructor Andy Bullock.


When Andy moved to the Peterborough area he visited the Museum and asked about volunteering opportunities.  His 40 years of beading experience, deep knowledge of historical beadwork and teaching experience made him the perfect fit for teaching workshops here at the Museum.


We started in March with Beading on a Loom.  Participants started by assembling their loom and laying out their own unique designs with coloured pencils and paper.  When happy with their designs they began turning them into beautiful strips of bead-work one row at a time.  I was amazing to see how with careful planning the students were able to design and execute their designs in a huge variety of colours and styles.




Most recently we ran the Beaded Rosette Workshop where participants learned how to layout and bead a circular design that is sewn with beads onto a backing (which can then be sewn onto, or turned into a whole variety of things).  The workshop again started with planning and drawing guidelines onto the backing before participants began the beading process.  It’s always great to see workshop goers who often (almost always) have no prior experience get the knack for a new skill while chatting and meeting new people!


Don’t miss the next in our series of beading workshops!  It’s the Wampum Bracelet Workshop coming up on April 26th here at the Museum.  Click here to register or for more information.

wampum photo 5