Sitting at a small table at Starbucks, hoping a cappuccino will help illuminate the path, I wonder how in the world all of the stuff the Canoe Museum is working on is going to come together.  We are working on a full roster of fall adult artisan workshops, new education programs, new public events, new tour packages, fundraisers, a strategic planning retreat, a new exhibit for the spring, a fall appeal, the Beaver Club Gala and on top of it all, a project bigger than any of this–a partnership with Parks Canada and the full redevelopment and moving of the Museum to the water!  How do we do it??The truth…sometimes I don’t know.  But then I reflect on what we do have and all that we have accomplished to date and we are doing just fine!  The key is that we have a team, a team with awesome staff, wonderful board members, fantastic volunteers, a truly one-of-a-kind collection, an incredible vision for this place and all of this gives us the resolve to do it all, as best as we can. So, help us make this fall one of the best falls we’ve had in a long time.  Come out and have fun with us!  We are putting together a line-up that you don’t want to miss.  We are a fun group and have a great time doing what we do!  I will see you soon as the first event is Sunday with Touch a Truck.

Check us out at the annual fundraising gala The Beaver Club Gala

Dig down and find that inner craftsperson and make your own cherry canoe paddle.IMG_8655

Bring the family to Touch a Truck and climb in/on/around 25 different big trucks, tractors, diggers and movers.

Cultivate your mind and come out to hear the many authors we have lined up for the fall.

Find out about how the school programs are being renovating to mesh with the new Social Studies curriculum.

slider yoga retreatGive yourself time to explore your Inner Journey to Peace at a newly created meditation and yoga retreat

Enjoy a delicious brunch at Elmhirst’s Resort while enjoying the company of Shelagh Rogers and James Raffan at Books and Brunch.Joseph Boyden CCM 25 Sept 2013-19

Thanks for reading and just so you know, the cappuccino helped:)