CBC’s Shelagh Rogers sat down with James Raffan for the launch of his new book Circling The Midnight Sun (You can purchase it through our online store).

“Over the course of three years, James Raffan circumnavigated the globe at 66.6 degrees latitude: the Arctic Circle. Armed with his passion for the north, his interest in diverse cultures and his unquenchable sense of adventure, he set out to put a human face on climate change. What he discovered was by turns shocking, frustrating, entertaining and enlightening. In Circling the Midnight Sun, Raffan presents a warm-hearted, engaging portrait of the circumpolar world, but also a deeply affecting story of societies and landscapes in the throes of enormous change. Compelling and utterly original, this is both an adventure story and a book that will change your view of the north forever.”

This year’s Canadian Canoe Museum Books and Brunch event was held at Elmhirst Resort and the interview was taped for an upcoming episode of CBC’s The Next ChapterThis sold out event, netted the museum $3,700, so thank you to everyone that was able to attend.


Update: January 2nd, 2015 – The latest episode of The Next Chapter with Shelagh Roger’s Interview with James Raffan is now live! Listen online, or download the .mp3 podcast to listen to in the car or on your next walk.

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