citizenship ceremony

The doors of the Canadian Canoe Museum swung open early today to welcome 42 individuals of 21 different countries, along with their family and friends, who had arrived to take their final step on the path of official Canadian citizenship. Surrounded by the stories that the canoes and kayaks tell of the many waves of immigration over the centuries, the 42 were welcomed into the Canadian family.

The Museum has hosted 4 citizenship ceremonies and each one inspires and humbles me.  These ceremonies remind me of the importance of citizenship, the importance of embracing our history (yes, the good and the bad), and the duty we have as citizens to actively work to make Canada even better. Knowing that attending these ceremonies is not possible for most, I would urge you to make a pot of tea and listen to the 2014 CBC Massey Lectures entitled ‘Belonging: The Paradox of Citizenship’ with Adrienne Clarkson.  She explores what it means to belong, how do we belong and who do we belong to and has reinvigorated my appreciation for Canada.

Special thanks to the New Canadians Center of Peterborough, Citizenship and Immigration Canada , and the Peterborough Partnership Council on Immigrant Integration for their help organizing the ceremony.  As well, special mention to Judge Floyd Babcock, MP Barry Devolin, Mayor Daryl Bennett, County Warden J. Murray Jones, Executive Director of the Canoe Museum Richard Tucker, and Kemi Akapo of the New Canadians Center.

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