Despite the melted snow (my nephew had huge crocodile tears when he woke up to green grass the other morning!), Christmas is nearly upon us here at the Canadian Canoe Museum. The Christmas tree is up and decorated, new winter merchandise is in stock and our little elves, i.e. Weekend Volunteers are hard at work preparing for the Holiday Open House.

  Kate and Kara cutting HBC blanket scraps in Christmas shapes.

Kate and Kara cutting HBC blanket scraps in Christmas shapes.

Children will learn a simple stitch to go around the edge of the ornament and then get creative with glitter glue and ribbon to make the decoration their own.

December at the Canoe Museum will be filled with holiday spirit. I for one am most looking forward to the many drop-kids crafts we will be offering. For the last few weeks, the weekend volunteers and I have been planning and preparing for ‘Christmas Fun’—working together we have developed some pretty awesome activities that families can enjoy together, if I do say so myself!

Soapstone carving, ornament decorating and poetry writing will provide a fun, much-needed break from hectic shopping centres!

In true Christmas spirit, while having fun at the museum you will also be helping out the community! This is because there is no cost for crafts, but rather a donation of cash or non-perishable food donation. Help us fill a canoe to the gunnels for our local food bank!!

Hope to see you there!

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