I am so excited to announce our lineup of 2015 adult artisan workshops! We have been working on some fantastic new additions, and of course the classic favourites are back like paddle carving, beadingcanoe restoration and more.

Workshops are a great way to learn a traditional craft, and they make for unique and unexpected gifts! Here’s a peek at what’s new for 2015 and, if you read right to the end, you’ll learn how you can get a workshop for FREE!

Wet-Felted Scarf Workshop                                                           
February 8th or April 19th

Create a one of a kind wet-felted scarf in this one day workshop. Learn from the talented Christianna Ferguson, a local artisan who lives and works right here in the Kawarthas. Christianna has spent over a decade perfecting her craft and has become known for her unique and highly recognizable pieces. In 2012 she spent a year living in Western Australia where she concentrated on expanding her skills and techniques, and learning all that she could from a large community of felt-makers. Since returning, she has worked steadily in her studio north of Lakefield experimenting with the medium, teaching others, and selling her work.

This workshop is an introduction to the wet felting technique. We begin with merino wool roving and create our own unique textile by adding water, soap and friction. Participants will learn how to layer, attach cords, and how to mix fibres to create different colour effects. We also explore the use of pre-felts to achieve distinct patterns in our felted pieces. Spend the day learning from a knowledgeable local artisan and leave with your own one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art!

All supplies required to make your scarf are provided, and no experience is necessary. This workshop is limited to 6 participants, so register early to avoid disappointment!

Leather Game Bag
September 12th & 13th

Create your very own hand-crafted leather game bag in this two day workshop.


Your instructors for this course are Kielyn and Dave Marrone, husband and wife team and owners of the Sudbury-based company Lure of the North. Together, they’ve built a life and a career that is driven by their passion for traditional winter travel, crafts and northern culture. After 3 years of field-testing, Kielyn and Dave have concluded that this durable and traditional game bag is equally at home as a light daypack on winter expeditions and fall hunts, or in the city as a bike bag or messenger bag for soft goods. They use theirs all year round!

Workshop participants will construct their game bag using soft-tanned moose or deer buckskin. The bags feature a stiff, vegetable-tanned leather strap and are held closed with a wood or antler button (or buckles if you prefer). These bags are made to be used and made to last!

This fun and engaging workshop is a great introduction to a huge variety of skills like stamping, dyeing, carving and branding leather, installing hand-hammered copper rivets, making and installing wood or antler buttons, and installing buckles and clasps. You’ll not only emerge with a completed a highly-functional game bag, but also with the skills necessary to tackle loads of leather-craft projects like knife/axe/saw sheaths, belts, bags, wallets and more! Click here to register.

Snowshoe Bindings
October 28th or November 4th


Create a pair of leather snowshoe bindings for use with traditional snowshoes in this half-day workshop. 

Kielyn and Dave Marrone of Lure of the North teach this workshop as well as our Snowshoe Weaving and Winter Moccasin courses. These guys have each travelled over 1,000 km by snowshoe. They are our winter travel experts and they’ve mastered the art of making these rugged and versatile leather bindings, suitable for stiff boots or soft moccasins.

We start by using 10oz vegetable tanned leather, dyed to a colour of your choosing and joined with hand-hammered copper rivets. A leather strap and steel buckle secures the binding around your heel, while a simple cord-lock secures it over your foot. Throughout the course we’ll discuss the tying and use of traditional lamp-wick bindings, and the difference between various traditional snowshoe styles. You’ll leave at the end of the day with a pair of totally unique and highly functional snowshoe bindings. Click here to register.


Winter Workshop Package
October 28th to November 1st or
November 4th to 8th

Interested in the Snowshoe Bindings, Snowshoe Weaving and Winter Moccasin courses? Sign up for all three and receive the binding workshop for FREE! Click here to register.



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