Canoe poling is a traditional method of canoe travel, which is still practiced in Atlantic Canada, British Columbia and the North Eastern United States.

While standing in the canoe, polers use a 12 foot spruce pole to push directly off the river bottom. Because the pole is in contact with the river bottom, poling offers better control of the boat. This allows for both up and downstream travel in water too shallow to paddle.


In this workshop you will spend the day learning about the ins and outs of poling from experienced canoeist and poling instructor, Jason Kervin. Using hand tools you’ll carve your own 12 foot spruce pole while meeting new people and taking in the relaxing atmosphere of the museum.  This new piece of gear will bring your paddling adventures to a whole new level!

This workshop would make a great gift for the paddler who has everything!

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Non-Member Pricing: $160

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