The Canoe Museum is so thankful to have you, whether you are a volunteer, member or staff person or some combination of the three! We are constantly trying to think up new ways to engage with you, to give back for your work and support! So, we are proud to tell you before we tell anyone else, that we have partnered with The Publican House Brewery and they are going to show their support for the Canoe Museum by donating a portion of each sale of this beer right back to the place you love so much! We hope you will make your way to the Publican House Retail Store to stock up on your summer drinking needs and help us make the Canoe Museum the focus of many summer conversations whether they be on dock, porch, or dinner party. We can’t say this enough…thanks for your support!


William English Ale is named after William English, the founder of the William English Canoe Company. A smaller competitor of both the Canadian and Peterborough Canoe Companies, William English was one of the earliest innovators of canoe manufacturing in the Peterborough area.

William English Ale is a thirst-quenching ale, at 4.5% ABV, crafted with a high wheat malt and gently accented with hops. A clean, easy drinking experience with crisp refreshing citrus notes, this ‘live’ wheat beer has a natural hazy hue.