The Canadian Canoe Museum is competing to win AVIVA Community Funding and you can help.

Vote online October 11th to 28th for the museum’s project – funds to purchase a vehicle and trailer for outreach, public and educational programming. Help us reach schools in groups in-need that can’t afford access to bussing.

The Canadian Canoe Museum has been connecting with Canadians from coast to coast to coast with stories and activities that are bringing Canadians closer together in this nation of rivers and this river of nations. Not least are our on-water programs that require road logistics in support of paddling activities to move people and boats from one place to another. Amazingly, to now (for the past 19 years) we have managed those road logistics with rented busses for people and staff vehicles for canoes. Love to have all 18 of your votes for this fun fundraiser that would make a world of difference for getting even more folk paddling with the CCM. Please help push this project into the AVIVA winners’ circle.” – James Raffan

The Canadian Canoe Museum has successfully submitted a project into the 2016 AVIVA Community Fund, an initiative that has been investing in charitable community initiatives across Canada since 2009.

The museum has applied for resources to purchase a van, trailer hitch package, vehicle wrap and enclosed trailer. These items would see the museum’s award winning, on and offwater programming become more accessible to schools, community groups, outreach events and the general public. This new equipment would transport children to summer paddling camps, it would allow the museum to travel to schools and other locations off-site to deliver educational programming and workshops, transport the museum’s public paddling fleet for use on-water, and would also enable transport of artefacts to exhibits at partner museums.

From October 11th to the 28th, Canadians can vote online to help the museum become a finalist in the competition. To vote visit Each registered participant has 18 votes they can use at any time and can vote for the same idea more than once and/or for multiple ideas.

The 15 ideas that receive the most votes in each of the two funding levels (small ideas, and large ideas) will become finalists. Winners are picked from the finalists by a panel of judges and announced on December 6, 2016. Judges will rank ideas based on the following criteria: longevity and sustainability, votes, impact, originality, likelihood of success and submission quality. If you support the museum’s project and want to help, invite your friends, families and coworkers to also vote for the project and join the project’s Facebook group.

There will also be a voting kiosk set up in the museum’s lobby.