Mike Elliot, a long time friend of the museum,  began restoring canoes as a hobby in 1995. His passion eventually turned into a full time career when Mike decided to open Kettle River Canoes in Grand Forks, B.C. 

Throughout the years Mike has also provided a plethora of tips and tricks for canoe restoration on his blog which has been a valuable resource to many people looking to work on their own canoe restoration projects. Since 2003, Mike has completed over 170 canoe restoration projects!

 Author and canoe restorer Mike Elliott.

Author and canoe restorer Mike Elliott.

 Mike Elliot demonstrating techniques at the museum's National Canoe Day event. 

Mike Elliot demonstrating techniques at the museum’s National Canoe Day event. 

Mike has compiled his experiences, knowledge and stories into a fantastic, one-of-a-kind book and resource called This Old Canoe: How to Restore Your Wood Canvas Canoe. A concise, enjoyable and informative read, This Old Canoe lets you in on the trade secrets of how to successfully return your canoe to it’s former glory. Designed to simplify the challenging tasks of canoe restoration, the over 300 photos and 70+ plans and illustrations in the book guide readers through techniques for canvassing, weaving rattan seats, bending wood and much more.

Along with all of the technical information, Mike includes great stories about old wooden canoes, their people, and the stories that brought them back together again. These stories connect the reader with the people behind the boats, and inspire the realization that almost any canoe restoration can be achieved by following the books directions.

This Old Canoe gathers a wealth of experience and technique into an inspiring manual for living with this iconic little wooden boat – whether we choose to work on them ourself or just enjoy the romance of this tradition.” Jeremy Ward, Curator, The Canadian Canoe Museum

Mike Elliott will be joining us at the museum for a presentation and book signing on Thursday June the 16th 6PM to 8PM. Come by for this free public event, hear Mike talk about wooden canoes, their people and the ties that bind them back together again. Pick up your copy of This Old Canoe from the Tumblehome Shop or bring your own copy to be signed!