Mike Elliot will be joining us at the Museum to talk about wooden canoes and their people – the ties that bind them back together again, as well as signing his new book This Old Canoe: How to Restore Your Wood Canvas Canoe. Copies of the book will be available to purchase through the Museum’s gift shop Tumblehome

Read more about Mike and his great new book on our blog! 

This event is FREE to the public!

 Mike Elliot at the Museum's Small Craft Rendevous with Curator Jeremy ward

Mike Elliot at the Museum’s Small Craft Rendevous with Curator Jeremy ward


This Old Canoe: How to Restore Your Wood Canvas Canoe is a step-by-step guide through the process of transforming an old, forgotten canoe into a cherished, classic heirloom.  Where other DIY canoe books concentrate mostly on building wooden canoes, this book is the only one available dedicated exclusively to the restoration of wood-canvas canoes.  

Mike Elliott, who has restored over 170 canoes since 2003, lets you in on the trade secrets of how to successfully return your canoe to its former glory. Using over 300 photos and 70+ plans and illustrations, this book is designed to simplify the many challenging tasks of canoe restoration including canvassing, how to weave rattan seats, and how to steam-bend wood.

About the author:  Mike Elliott began restoring canoes as a hobby in 1995.  That hobby bloomed into a full time career in 2003 when he opened Kettle River Canoes in Grand Forks, BC where he’s been restoring wood canvas canoes ever since.  His popular CanoeGuy’s Blog is read by over 5,000 canoe enthusiasts each month.