On October 14, we hosted our 10th Annual Beaver Club Gala. This was the second gala at our home, 910 Monaghan Road, Peterborough. With a tremendous effort from the Beaver Club Gala’s volunteer committee and support from the staff, our galleries were transformed into a spectacular dining room.



2017October14-BCG-0115.jpg Guests experienced a night of fine dining and shopped for live and silent auction items surrounded by our large collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft. This year, an extra 25 seats were added on the third floor, and, within a month, all 200 tickets were sold!The evening opened with the procession of the piper, boar’s head and voyageurs portaging our newest canoe. Chief Phyllis Williams, of Curve Lake, and Metis Leaders, Thomas and Harrison Hodgson, gave a Traditional Welcome. The attendees heard from their host, James Raffan, and John Ronson, Chair of the Board, and Donald Ross and Katie Stewart gave the five Traditional Beaver Club toasts.




Guests at the Gala enjoyed a meal of Venison Osso Bucco followed by apple and blueberry crumble. During dessert, James shared stories of the museum’s work over the past year. Rob Rusland took it away with a fast-paced live auction. James returned to the podium, and members of the audience participated in Le Grand Voyage.

The museum would like to thank the many dedicated members of the Beaver Club Gala Planning Committee, museum staff, volunteers, and those who supported the evening financially. Thanks to the work put in, the evening grossed nearly $120,000 in support of the museum’s educational programming!

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