Here at The Canadian Canoe Museum, we have a wide selection of unique gift ideas! With gifts including locally made jewelry and kitchenwaremuseum memberships and adopted canoes, we’re hoping you can check a few people off your shopping list!

2017November23-Tumblehome-0454.JPG Shop TumblehomeThe Tumblehome Shop is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience carrying a carefully curated selection of products from local artisans, canoe-culture inspired gifts, and all things Canadiana. Tumblehome’s goal is to offer something for everyone while supporting the made-in-Canada movement!
Visitors are delighted with the wide selection of canoe themed clothing, artisan crafts, jewelry, books and housewares with a special focus on local and Canadian made goods.Gift store hours are the same as the museum’s, or you can shop online at our new store!


Gift an Artisan Workshop

Artisan workshops provide a unique opportunity to learn a new skill. In some of the most popular workshops, participants learn paddle carving, moccasin making or wood burning. These events give the opportunity to meet new people and spend time at the museum.

In 2018, new workshops will include: Paint a Decorative Paddle, Woodburing a Decorative Paddle, Beading a Puzzle Pouch and more!

The ever-popular HBC Coat Workshop and the Seat Caning Workshop will be returning as well. With such a wide variety to choose from, it is easy to find a gift for even those most difficult to buy for!

Adopt a Canoe.jpeg

Adopt a Canoe

You can symbolically adopt a canoe in the name of a friend of loved one! Choose from the great dugouts of the Pacific Northwest, birch bark canoes, cedar-canvas canoes and more! This is a unique way to support The Canadian Canoe Museum and a chance to be truly creative in your gift giving.


Give the Gift of Membership

Members of the museum receive many special benefits. In addition to free admission, members receive discounts on programs and merchandise. All members receive access to VIP information through a members-only newsletter! Memberships can be purchased for individuals, families, grandparents, seniors or students.

Happy Shopping!