From Carolyn Hyslop, General Manager &

John Ronson, Chair, Board of Directors

Peterborough is already home to the world’s largest collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft – a cultural asset of national significance. This, in itself, is incredible.

Earlier this week, as part of its 2018 budget review, city council voted to support the new museum with a $2 million contribution. A significant contribution indeed, it is exactly half what the museum had requested.

The Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada, along with several early donors, have demonstrated their leadership with investments in the new museum. The provincial government has contributed $9 million and the federal government $1.4 million. A second funding application for $13.6 million is before the federal government right now.

The $4 million contribution from the City of Peterborough is fundamental to the future of the project.

Council’s complete commitment is required to demonstrate strong support and local leadership. Potential funders and private donors from across the country are looking to follow the city’s lead. Most immediately, council’s $4 million commitment would allow the museum to leverage funds from the federal government.

At $4 million, council’s contribution would be six per cent of the $65 million project cost – lower than some other new cultural infrastructure projects in Canada. For example, the City of Thunder Bay is contributing 15 per cent of the total project cost of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, while the City of Saskatoon is contributing 36 per cent to the Remai Modern Art Gallery.

The museum will have another opportunity to address council before the budget is finalized. On December 11, we will emphasize two things: the new museum’s extraordinary economic benefits AND the critical importance of council’s complete commitment.

Return on investment

The overall economic impact of the museum’s operations and its redevelopment project is estimated to be $86 million over the next five years. This will support 820 jobs.

Once the museum is complete, there will be an estimated $5.6 million visitor spend in the City of Peterborough annually.

Between now and December 11, museum board, staff and volunteers, along with community members will be mobilizing to share these important messages. We ask that you join us now – and at City Hall in less than two weeks.

We thank you for your continued support, and should you have any questions or comments, please reach out to either of us.

Carolyn Hyslop, General Manager

John Ronson, Chair, Board of Directors