From Carolyn Hyslop, General Manager &

John Ronson, Chair, Board of Directors

Paddles Shotjpg_preview (1).jpeg We are excited to share that yesterday, Peterborough County Council voted to invest $500,000 over eight years in the new museum project.On behalf of The Canadian Canoe Museum family, we thank council for its investment and local leadership. We are pleased to welcome the county as our newest project partner and look forward to working together as we move forward.

As councillors discussed and deliberated this investment, they focused on economic growth and development and more specifically, job creation and tourism. One councillor even cited “civic duty”. We too, believe that this investment in the future of the museum, is an investment in the future of the county – and beyond.

Over the next five years, the overall estimated economic impact of the museum’s operations and its redevelopment project will be $86 million – $71.6 million of that will be related to the redevelopment project. That $86 million will support an estimated 820 jobs – 682 of those will be related to the redevelopment project.

Peterborough County joins the City of Peterborough, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada, along with several early donors, who have demonstrated their leadership with investments in the new museum. The city has contributed $4 million, the provincial government $9 million and the federal government $1.4 million. A second funding application for $13.6 million is before the federal government right now.

The county’s commitment is a significant step forward as we work to fund raise for the new museum. And, this vote of confidence at the local level is an important indicator for our current and future funding partners, and as we reach out to philanthropists across the country. This commitment will support the museum as it continues its conversations with the federal government.

There is incredible momentum for the new museum project, and as of today, there’s another important paddle in the water. Thank you, Peterborough County, for your investment, and all the strength and the support that it will bring. 

Carolyn Hyslop, General Manager

John Ronson, Chair, Board of Directors