The Peyote Stitch is used to bead around a cylindrical object like a drum stick or feather. Students will discuss different variations including Gourd Stitch, Brick Stitch and Peyote Rosettes. There are a few basic tricks to starting this stitch successfully and creating pleasing patterns. Students will create a piece that will be beaded around a feather, and learn other techniques that could be used to bead around a key ring or zipper pull. Students will be guided by our expert beading instructor, Andrew Bullock.*

No previous beading experience needed, but here is some manual dexterity required to stitch one bead at a time.

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*Your instructor for this workshop is Andrew Bullock, an award-winning craftsman and lifelong beadwork researcher. Of Wampanoag ancestry, he has been creating and restoring Indigenous beadwork for decades. Andy has been a featured artist in numerous exhibits including “Reading Native Art” at Mt Kearsarge Indian Museum. His work can also be found at Robbins Museum of Archaeology and in private collections. His professional experience includes founding and being the past owner of Wandering Bull, Inc., a supply house featuring top quality beadwork, supplies and reference material. Let’s just say, we’re pretty lucky to have Andy leading the way through our entire lineup of beading workshops!

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