Moccasins have been worn for centuries as the primary footwear in the summer over hard portages and soft forest floors. Now you can create a unique pair of your own with the added durability of a painted on rubber sole. The sole is made with recycled tire and barge cement which maintains the flexibility of the moccasin so you can still feel the ground beneath you. These moccasins are perfect for around the house, in your backyard gardening, around base camp while canoeing or hiking or even as a barefoot running modification.

Included in this workshop is all the materials needed to make a custom pair of two-part leather moccasin, a pair of felt insoles and lots of options for decorating your moccasins and making them your own.

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Non-Member’s Price: $175

Your instructors for this course are Kielyn and Dave Marrone, husband and wife team and owners of the Sudbury-based company Lure of the North. Together, they’ve built a life and a career that is driven by their passion for traditional travel, crafts and northern culture. Kielyn and Dave have field tested these moccasins extensively. They know first hand that these moccasins are the comfiest footwear you may ever own!

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