Virtual Field Trips

It’s been a busy couple months for Virtual Field Trips. Since the beginning of 2018, our education animators have connected with 1159 students at 37 schools, including visits from Manitoba, BC, UK and Vietnam!



All of this adds up! We recently checked our “Skype mileage”, or how many kilometres we have “traveled” in our Skypes to classrooms around the world. With member and donor support we’ve clocked 338,000 km since beginning the virtual field trip program in February 2016! “Student feedback was amazing,” says Nancy Clow from Linklater Public School in Gananoque, Ont. “They loved how you brought history to life in the form of artifacts and dramatic presentation. The kids appreciated not having to take a long ride on a bus! Students liked learning about the different artifacts that First Nations, Europeans and Voyageurs used to survive. Students thoroughly enjoyed learning about what was traded when the Europeans made first contact. The amount of time for this session was perfect, loved how kids could participate. Hands down, the favourite component for all was the dramatic presentations with the artifacts! We enjoyed it so much, I’ve recommended it to several teachers and will be ‘visiting’ you again soon! Thank you!”

2012-FusionRiver-TradePost_Ed Program Image-48.jpg
Some other highlights:

– Our new birthday party program for children under five is a hit! Piloted in January, we’ve run three of these new camping-themed, family parties so far this year (and five other birthday parties!) with great success!

– 606 JK-12 students from our local school boards have visited the Museum for staff-led, curriculum-connected, hands-on learning!

– 30 Fleming College students visited in support of their outdoor leadership studies, with a special introduction to the collection by Curator Jeremy Ward.

– Our 4th Annual Great Canadian Family Day was a great success, with around 385 families visiting on February 19! A big welcome goes to the 32  families who joined our membership community on Family Day.