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We’re so excited to announce the 2018 Wipper Lecturer, Founder and Expedition Leader of Canada C3, Geoff Green. Geoff is an Ottawa-based educator and adventurer who led the 150-day journey from Toronto to Victoria through the Northwest Passage on a re-purposed Coast Guard icebreaker called the Polar Prince.

On the ship were three canoes, one of which was a beautiful birch bark craft on loan from The Canadian Canoe Museum. On the evening of April 11, Geoff will be returning the borrowed canoe (now perhaps the ‘most travelled’ item in the collection!), and will deliver a talk on how canoes and canoe-messaging was an integral part of the Canada C3 project.

Admission is by donation.

Doors open at 6:30pm, with the evening’s program starting at 7:00, and time for Q&A from 8:15-8:30. Tea and coffee will be served. Our store will be open before and after the presentation.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Programs Registrar  [email protected] or call 705-748-9153 ext. 218.

Geoff Green Educator, environmentalist and social entrepreneur, Geoff Green is a respected leader in the national and international Polar community. For the past 23 years Geoff has dedicated his career to raising awareness and understanding of the Arctic, the Antarctic and places in between.  He is known as a connector and bridge builder with a visionary and creative spirit.
Geoff is founder and president of the Students on Ice Foundation, an internationally renowned program that has taken over 3,000 youth, educators, elders, experts, scientists, leaders and artists from around the world on educational journeys to the Arctic and Antarctic.Geoff was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2012.  In 2015, he was selected as one of the top 100 Greatest Canadian Explorers. In 2010, Geoff was voted as one of the Top 25 Transformational Canadians. The Globe & Mail called Geoff “the man who revolutionized polar and environmental education”. He was bestowed the Inuktitut name “Pitsiulak” by the Commissioner of Nunavut in 2009 for his work with Inuit youth. In 2007, Geoff was awarded the Citation of Merit for outstanding feats of exploration and service by the prestigious Explorers Club in New York City.Geoff’s experience working and traveling across the Circumpolar Arctic, the Antarctic, and across the global ocean is extensive and diverse. He has worked and collaborated on national and international projects in education, science, media and conservation.  He has led over 125 expeditions to the Polar Regions.
In 2017, Geoff completed his most ambitious project to date – the Canada C3 expedition, a 150-day, 25,000 km sailing journey around Canada’s coastline to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation. The expedition’s themes were youth engagement, environment, diversity & inclusion and reconciliation. The successful www.canadac3.ca journey reached an audience of over 20 million.

Geoff and his partner Dr. Lisa Glithero live with their two children in Chelsea, QC.

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