Looking back on the highs and lows of 2021, I am amazed that we continue to dig deep, draw on our strengths and pull together as a community. We had to look hard for opportunities, learn to be grateful for small things and to trust in our own resiliency.

While we are busy planning and creating a new home for the collection, for the next 18 months we remain in an aging facility. The repairs and costs of 910 Monaghan Road must be maintained to ensure that we can protect the collection until the grand opening of our new museum in the summer of 2023.

We still have a way to go on our journey and we need your help to get there. Our home at 910 Monaghan has given us so many great things through the years: award-winning educational programming, artisan workshops, George Luste, Wipper, and Jack Matthews Fellowship lectures, Family Day fun, Beaver Club Galas, Campfires and Cocktails, and so much more. 910 Monaghan has enabled the Museum to grow and become a recognized national and international treasure!

Continuing to care for the collection and the facilities it’s housed in, sharing our galleries with visitors, teaching children from across Canada virtually from our galleries, offering virtual tours of the collection, and sharing this incredible Museum with the world is the work we are doing and it needs your help. Donating to the current Museum ensures we have a strong foundation when we move to our new museum at the water’s edge. 

Please give today and join us on the journey!


Carolyn Hyslop

Executive Director