Dear Community Members,

Recent inaccurate comments by the Peterborough Canoe & Kayak Club (The Club), as reported in the Peterborough Examiner on Friday, August 19, 2021, have caused confusion amongst our members and our community in general and we are writing to clarify a few matters.

CCM is a foundational partner and supporter of The Club and has had a long-term relationship with Commodore, Jim Stewart. Understandably, we were surprised and extremely disappointed by recent media reporting.

We are committed to continuing to be an active, open and transparent community member. As educators, storytellers and strong proponents of canoeing and kayaking, we applaud all organizations that provide opportunities for individuals to learn and experience the beauty of paddling in all its forms. Furthermore, we strongly object to anyone misleading community members by suggesting that we are involved or are responsible for matters that are simply out of our scope and out of our hands.

We understand that our construction project and future occupation of the Johnson Property site will have an impact on anyone on or adjacent to the property. Concurrently, it is important to recognize that, due to safety assurances, space limitations and environmental restrictions, having The Club remain on the Johnson Property site is simply not operationally or practically feasible. In fact, it would significantly impede The Club’s own plans for future growth and facility expansion. Understandably, the waterfront offers only so much usable space. As environmental custodians, CCM must respect the building and environmental restrictions that govern our ability to secure permits to build on the Johnson Property.

In April of this year, CCM and The Club mutually agreed that having an adjacent and independent location where The Club could offer a range of paddle sport programs on Little Lake would allow both organizations to synergistically thrive and grow.

It is unfortunate, and we are disappointed for The Club, that they have not managed to secure alternative arrangements for their operations since we last spoke with them in April, 2021. However, we, like The Club, must work closely with our partner, The City of Peterborough, to achieve the goals and vision that will ultimately contribute to a vibrant community waterfront. It is our understanding that talks between The Club and the City staff are underway.

As an integral community contributor, CCM is excited to materialize its strategic vision for a vibrant community hub while bringing the beauty and history of the canoe to Canada and the world.

Our thanks to all of you for your continued engagement and support.

Carolyn Hyslop
Executive Director
The Canadian Canoe Museum