“We’re so excited to be able to offer beading workshops again. This workshop is so colourful and vibrant. You start the day with felt and a pile of beads and leave with an amazing little work of art having learned a new skill!”
-Beth Stanley, Associate Curator

Matthew Vukson, 7th Fire Bead Designs, is a Dene bead artist from Tlicho Nation Northwest Territories and Brantford, Ontario. Matthew specializes in the two-needle method, and on September 1st he will lead a new beading workshop at the museum. 

To be held in the Preserving Skills Gallery from 10am to 4pm, a small group of participants will, not only learn traditional beading techniques on fine wool, but will share a special experience. At the end of the workshop they will have created their own business card holder (or credit/debit card holder) to take home, and acquired new skills and a sense of accomplishment. Matthew encourages questions, and the small group size allows participants to engage with one another.

“I like to share stories that have been passed on to me from my family and enjoy talking about my beading journey.” -Matthew Vukson

Matthew, is a teacher candidate through Waaban (it is tomorrow) Indigenous Teacher Education at York University, and a full-time bead artist. He teaches beading workshops on a regular basis, and is working to complete a major bead exhibit to be held in Toronto. To find out more about Matthew and 7th Fire Bead Designs visit him on Facebook.

The cost of this workshop is $115 per person (ages 13 and up), and includes all project materials. Space is limited, so don’t wait. Register here!

Through inclusive, memorable and engaging exhibits and programs The Canadian Canoe Museum shares the art, culture, heritage, and spirit of paddled watercraft with our communities. Our artisan workshops offer a special opportunity to engage with traditional materials and techniques in an educational and entertaining way.

“I have seen trepidation turn to confidence.  I have seen new friendships being forged and I have seen old friends laughing together. I have seen people leave the Preserving Skills Gallery with a smile on their face they cannot get rid of because of the inspiring day they just experienced. There is something magical about making something.”   -Beth Stanley, Associate Curator

The Canadian Canoe Museum team works hard to ensure that a variety of workshops are available, something for everyone, so that you too can experience the magic of making something.

There is nothing like the feeling of seeing raw materials in front of you, holding them in your hands, and knowing that in a few hours you will have learned how to create something beautiful with them. Guided by expert and patient instructors, you will work step-by-step through the process in a friendly environment. Whether you are interested in beading, woodworking, weaving, leatherwork or sewing, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from our expert instructors, channel your inner creative, and go home with new skills and great memories.

Upcoming summer workshops at the museum include—Make a Leather-Bound Journal, Carve a Mini Paddle, Woodburning a Decorative Paddle, and Make a Rustic Sign. The autumn and winter workshops offer toboggan building, snowshoe weaving, mitten and moccasin making, coiled basket construction and more. You can read about what is ahead for 2019 in our Artisan Workshop brochure

Why not share this experience? You can invite a family member, or a friend, to join you in the fun. Or, you might consider giving a workshop registration as a gift—the special gift of learning. Find out more about upcoming workshops and registration here.

Don’t forget – if you are already a member of The Canadian Canoe Museum you will receive a 10% discount off the workshop cost. And it’s easy to become a member if you aren’t already one.