Adopt an Artifact

Adopting a canoe or paddle from the museum’s collection is a unique opportunity. While you won’t be able to take the canoe to the cottage (it will remain as part of the museum’s collection), as part of this program, you can create a personal connection with an artifact that resonates with you.

Simply choose from one of five annual giving levels, starting at $50, for this symbolic adoption and you will be supporting the ongoing care and preservation of these extraordinary artifacts.

About the Program
When you adopt a canoe or paddle, your name will be showcased on a label on the artifact in the museum’s galleries for all to see. Prefer to remain anonymous? You can do that too. This meaningful initiative also makes a great gift or memorial tribute. Adoption rates are for one year at a time and based on the type of canoe or paddle you choose.

Please see our store for a list of canoes and paddles that are up for adoption. Don’t see what you are looking for? There’s much more to choose from, so please contact Kate Kennington for further information, 705-748-9153 ext. 220, or via [email protected].

Paddles in collection storage.