George Luste Lecture – 2019

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Save the date!   The lecture will be held Sunday November 17th from 2-4:30pm

Exclusive back building tour with curator Jeremy Ward

2018 Lecturer Rob Stimpson

Curator Jeremy Ward welcoming group to collections tour.  (2018)

Participants gathered in collections storage for exclusive behind the scenes tour with curator Jeremy Ward in 2018.

Past Schedule: 

3:30-4:30                  Collections Centre tour with Curator Jeremy Ward Keep your coats on! We’re heading to the unheated back building!

4:30-4:45                  Tea and Coffee available

4:30-5:30                  Luste Lecture with Rob Stimpson

5:30-6:30                  Q&A and refreshments

Museum galleries open for self-guided tour

The Luste Lecture was conceived as a way to bring the Wilderness Canoe Association and the regular participants of its sister initiative the Wilderness Canoe Symposium closer to the Canadian Canoe Museum in celebration of the remarkable lifetime contribution Dr. George Luste made to all three organizations.  As a paddler, publisher, bibliophile and founder of the Wilderness Canoe Symposium, George Luste was a leader in the wilderness canoeing realm for over fifty years.

It is in recognition of George’s huge contribution to canoeing that members of the WCA came together with donations in his honour to create the Luste Lecture in partnership with the Canadian Canoe Museum.

A video of the lecture will be made available to members shortly after the event.

We are grateful for Canoe North Adventures’ co-sponsorship of the 2018 George Luste Lecture. 

Canoe North Adventures is an award-winning adventure travel company owned and operated by Al Pace and Lin Ward. It been fulfilling wilderness canoeing dreams since 1987 with Al and Lin’s paddling experience spanning over 30,000 river miles on northern rivers in Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.


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Past Lecturers

2018 – Rob Stimpson

We went on a visual journey with photographer Rob Stimpson as he took us down rivers, paddles across lakes, sweating over portages with tales and musings of the great outdoors.  Rob has photographed for Ontario Tourism, Ontario Parks, and Parks Canada for many years, with his stunning images of the beloved land- and water-scapes of this province, country and beyond appearing on the covers of Ontario Parks guides, Canadian Geographic, Explore Magazine, among many others.

2017 – Wendy Grater

Wendy Grater and Black Feather discussed the Northern Yukon’s 3 sisters; the Bonnet Plumer, Snake and Wind Rivers. Part of the Peel Watershed, these rivers encompass over 68,000 square kilometres of rugged northern wilderness, which is one of the largest unroaded natural areas in the world.  To read more about this event click here.  

2016 – Gwyneth Hoyle

Gwyneth Hoyle talked about her own travails in search of historic heroines, framing these in the context of the Luste Rare Book Donation (an incredible donation to the museum of rare and historic books about canoes, north and adventure) and why this is a significant milestone for the Canadian Canoe Museum’s library and archival collection.To read more about this event click here.  

2015 – Dave Olesen

Author, bush pilot, and wilderness guide Dave Olesen is no stranger to tough terrain. After 15 years of competition as a dog sled racer, he dedicated four consecutive winters to long trips away from his remote Northwest Territories home, following the points of the compass.

2014 – Fred ‘Skip’ Pessl

This year’s Luste Lecture welcomed Fred ‘Skip’ Pessl who gave us his account of a wilderness journey in his new book, Barren GroundsTo read more on this event click here.  

2013 – John Lentz

Author John Lentz presented his wilderness paddling stories in a presentation entitled “Five Decades of Wilderness Paddling: People and Places”. Lentz has logged 21 major Canadian paddling expeditions, plus 2 in Siberia where canoes and catamarans were employed.  To read more on this event click here.