The Beaver Club, founded in 1785 by Montreal-based members of the North West Company, was an annual gathering of seasoned fur traders. Today, it recognizes the significance of the fur trade and is an opportunity to gather in support of the museum. Since its inception, the Beaver Club Gala has raised more than $860,000 to support the museum’s educational programming, which is inspired by its world-class collection

Education at The Canadian Canoe Museum
The museum’s programs for children and youth are all about active engagement and hands-on discovery. Our world-class collection allows us to offer unique experiential field trips that explore the arts, science, language, social studies, history and native studies curricula, all through the lens of the canoe. Students make, bake, build, sing, carve, paint, experiment, measure and map. They examine primary sources, handle artefacts, and paddle canoes in programs that support all learning styles. In 2018, 5,957 students visited in person and more than 3,000 from eight countries visited via virtual field trip. Field trips are guided by educators offering curriculum-connected programming in both French and English.


The Canadian Canoe Museum is most grateful to the sponsors of the 12th annual Beaver Club Gala.




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A special thank you to Elmhirst’s Resort for graciously donating and hosting brunch for the Books & Brunch event that follows the gala.

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