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The Canadian Canoe Museum is temporarily closed, and our programs are on pause as we prepare to move to our new museum.

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Registration FAQ


Peter Vooys, Programs Manager, at [email protected]

The system says I have an account already?

If you’ve registered with us before you will already have an account.  The default password is set to FirstName,LastName  (note comma). You can change this when you log in.

How soon before the course can I sign up?

If there are spaces available you can sign up a minimum of 48 hours before the course.  If you want to know if any spots open up closer than that please contact Peter Vooys, Programs Manager, here.

How do I know my registration went through?

You will receive an automatic email confirming your space.  You can also log out and back in.  If you see the program in your courses you are registered!

I can’t fill out the permission form?

The permission form becomes available after you’ve paid for a course.  You only have to fill it out once for multiple courses.  If you’ve filled it out in the past make sure it’s up to date.

My VISA/MC is being declined?

Connect with Peter Vooys, Programs Manager at [email protected].

I can’t see all the program options?

Try using this portal on a computer rather than a phone.  Or make sure you are scrolling within the portal screen.

I want to see what courses I’m registered for?

You can view your course history and upcoming courses through the registration portal!

I want to be waitlisted for a course?

You can do this through the online portal.  When a course is full it will automatically add you to the waitlist.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any changes to course registration are subject to a $10 administration fee. If you give a one week or more notice of cancellation we will refund your course fees minus the administration fee.

Canoe Print and Paper – November 7th (10-2) 

Age 8+  $25

Printmaking, origami, book-making and more! Explore a variety of paper arts with our Gallery spaces as inspiration. 

Note: Please wear clothes appropriate for using inks!


Loom Beading and Building – December 5th (10-2)

Age 9+  $38

Follow a scavenger hunt through the Museum to find all the parts of your loom kit. Learn woodworking skills as you build a pine beading loom with the patient, friendly guidance of our experienced education staff. You’ll end up with a loom and work on a 3-row beaded bracelet. Learn about wampum and indigenous beading traditions.

Registration Closes Monday December 3rd.


So You Want to Be a Knot-Star?- Snow Day Reschedule to March 6th (10-1:30)

Age 9+  $18

Explore the worlds of paracord and knot tying.  Leave with finished take-homes.


Check Out of March Break Program Line Up

More Information at this Link 


Wanigans – April 3 (10-1:30)

Age 8+  $26

Try your hand at wood-working and create a 12”x8”x8” wanigan. Start with a scavenger hunt in the Museum to find the necessary pieces to build a wanigan. Kids encounter many styles of wanigan, ex. a traditional canoe-tripping equipment box. No previous wood-working experience required. Experienced and patient Museum staff teach each step. Participants come away with hands-on building experience (hammers, screwdrivers, sanding). Plus a box to keep any kind of treasure in to take home!

(Note: This program does include a hammering component that can be quite loud).


Tarps and Shelters – May 1 (10-1:30)

Age 8+  $25

Shelter is one of the five basic human needs. Explore different shelter-building techniques with us and go home with your own tarp and the skills to set it up!


Paddle and Paint – June 5 (10-1:30)

30+ Pounds (PFD Regulations)  $20

Spend a day out paddling together in our 36 foot canoe, a replica of the bark canoes used during the fur trade era. Learn watercolour techniques while out on the water.  You’ll be inspired by the nature around you and practise plein air painting.

Note: Parents are welcome to participate but will be subject to full program fees.