National Canoe Day (June 26th) is fast approaching, and since gathering as a paddling community is not possible this year, The Canadian Canoe Museum is turning the celebration digital!

With all that has been going on, we have been reflecting on how canoes see us through both the peaceful, calm and challenging, choppy waters in our lives, and how they allow us to be connected (to each other, the land, and the water) during this time of physical distancing. To say thank you, we are asking our communities to share a #CanoeHug to show their appreciation for canoes.

To participate:

  • Snap of photo or a short video of you giving your canoe a “hug”
  • Introduce us, by writing or video, to your canoe. How did you acquire it? Where has it taken you? What interesting stories or scars does it carry?  
  • Upload your photo or video and story on June 26th as a public post on your own social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), tag us at @cndncanoemuseum, and use the hashtags #CanoeHug and #NationalCanoeDay.

We’ll reshare, retweet, and regram throughout the day!

We can’t wait to celebrate the canoe as a community on National Canoe Day and hear all the amazing stories around the virtual campfire (aka, social media)!

Executive Director Carolyn Hyslop giving her canoe a hug of appreciation
Director of External Relations James Raffan shares a kiss with his partner, Gail, while giving their canoe a hug

About National Canoe Day

National Canoe Day was coined by The Canadian Canoe Museum following a CBC campaign that in 2007, declared the canoe one of the Seven Wonders of Canada. Ever since, and in many ways – from proclamations to paddling parties – Canadians have connected and shared their affinity for canoes and more significantly, the stories they carry.