In the museum galleries this morning, Marty Laskaris, Partner, Publican House Brewery, and Carolyn Hyslop, Executive Director, said “Cheers!” to their fruitful Paddler’s Ale partnership – now in its third year.

Through a portion of the sales of its Paddler’s Ale and associated merchandise in 2018, Publican House Brewery raised $11,762.98 to support the ongoing work of the museum. Last year, Publican House donated more than $7,000 to the museum.

“The Canadian Canoe Museum is excited to see this partnership grow and we are so grateful to Publican House for its continued support of the museum and its mission,” said Ms. Hyslop, adding that Paddler’s Ale is a perennial favourite at museum events. “In all sorts of ways, like this one, the community continues to rally around the museum, and together, as we share Peterborough and the Kawarthas with the wider world, we are so much stronger.”

In 2018, Publican House introduced Paddler’s Ale merchandise, including a baseball hat, t-shirt and tin mug. This locally-designed merchandise features the Paddler’s Ale logo and is available at the Tumblehome Shop (in-store and online), and at the Publican House retail store and online. New to the lineup this year is a crew neck sweatshirt in forest green – the perfect attire for sitting by the campfire!

“As a proud partner of The Canadian Canoe Museum, we’re excited to see the growth of the organization and its upcoming expansion to a new waterside location near the historic Peterborough Lift Lock. The educational programming that the museum brings to the community is unparalleled,” said Mr. Laskaris. “The combination of a locally-made craft beer, and a museum that highlights the art and craft of canoe making, is a perfect fit. We’re proud to continue to contribute to the vibrancy of the museum and the role that it plays in Peterborough.”

About Paddler’s Ale

Developed in 2017, Paddler’s Ale can be purchased in 473ml cans from Sobey’s on both Towerhill Road and Lansdowne Street, at Dreams of Beans, and on tap at Boardwalk Café, Lakefield Restaurant, Just for the Halibut, The Granite Bancroft (in summer) and Publican House Brew Pub.

Paddler’s Ale is a coarse-filtered ale with a refreshing hint of citrus. This 4.5 per cent ABV brew sports a colourful can adorned with paddles and canoes. By the inscriptions on the can, purchasers are encouraged to Paddle your own canoe and Do your part to help support a part of Canadian history – raise a glass of Paddler’s Ale!