Schools & Youth

Explore the current Ontario science, art, geography, history, social studies, and environmental studies curriculum through the unique lens of the canoe and its cultures.

Click the links below to see descriptions of our programs for school and youth groups. Our activities are rooted in the principles of experiential education: participants learn through song, story, role-play, adventure, carving, making, baking and imagining.

  • Fully bilingual program leaders available (please ask when reserving your trip!)
  • Interactive, hands-on, inquiry-based learning
  • Cross-curricular First Nations emphasis
  • Accessible for students with special needs and different learning styles
  • School days, evenings, weekends and overnights
How to Book

To book a school program, email or call Karen Taylor, Director of Programs ([email protected]) or 705-748-9153 x 219 with the following:

  • Your name
    • A Contact Number for You
  • The names of any other teachers accompanying you
  • Your School
  • Student Grade
  • Number of Students
  • Preferred Dates
  • Preferred Arrival Time
  • Program Choices if Known
  • Any special needs or considerations of your class
Visit FAQ

What is the cost?

  • School-day program cost is $9* per student for one 90-minute staff-led program.
    • Unless otherwise noted.
  • Additional 90-minute staff-led programs are $6* per student.
  • We require a minimum fee for 15 participants.
  • There are no additional taxes on education programs

Can we have lunch?

  • Lunch space is included in your visit if scheduled.  
  • There is no food on site please bring a lunch
  • A water fountain is available.

How many chaperones can I bring?

  • Chaperones are included at no extra cost at the following ratios:
    • K-3 1:5
    • 3-8 1:8
    • 9+ 1:10
  • We do not recommend any additional adults.

How long are the programs?

  • Programs are approximately 90-minutes long unless otherwise noted.
  • Most classes do a two program day with a 30 minute lunch and 30 minutes at the end of the day for self touring and shopping.

Do you offer French programming?

  • Many programs are available in French or English please inquire when booking.

Can I schedule time for students to see the museum?

  • Yes we can definitely schedule time for students to self tour!
  • We recommend 30 minutes.

Can I schedule time for students to snack in the morning?

  • Yes but please let us know in advance so we can plan your program accordingly.

Can I come for a program after hours?

  • Week-night program cost is $11* per student for one program
  • We require a minimum fee for 15 to run these programs.

Can we come back to spend more time in the galleries?

  • Yes with our new class pass you can come back for only $2 a student.

We are a lower income school do you offer any subsidies?

  • As a non-profit we run our educational programming with the lowest fees possible.  However may of our past groups have made their trip possible with support for busing fees from the charity Day Trippers