End of Summer Day Camp

Age 8-10 This high-energy, multi-activity day camp is the perfect way to wrap up the summer!

ORCKA Level 4 (Solo) – Five Day Camp

Age 12-15 This five-day camp is perfect for youth who wanted to take their canoe paddling skills to the next level.  We learn solo paddling skills for those who are ready for their Level 4.

ORCKA Level 2&3 – Five Day Camp

Age 11-14 This five-day camp is a great way to hone your canoeing skills.  Learn advanced tandem canoeing skills outlined in the ORCKA Level 2 and 3 programs.  You also get to spend a full day at the museum.

ORCKA Level 1&2 – Five Day Camp

Age 10-13 We spend 4 days on the water playing paddling games, swimming, and gaining the skills outlined in the ORCKA Level 1 and 2 programs.  We also spend 1 full day at the Canoe Museum.